How to Plan a Puppy Shower
Tips and ideas for a paws-itively perfect puppy shower

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~by Lisa Pallardy

New puppy or rescue dog in your life?  Or in the life of one of your close friends?  It seems only natural, then, that new or expecting "puppy parents" would appreciate the gesture of a puppy shower, although it is just as acceptable for the new puppy parent(s) to organize the event as well.

What better reason, in these hard economic times, to throw a paw-ty!   The great thing about a puppy shower is that it's not only an opportunity to welcome the furry new bundle of joy, but it's an inexpensive way to get together with family and friends, since it can be held in your back yard, or at the local dog park!

Here are some tips to guide you in planning the perfect puppy shower:

  • A puppy shower can be scheduled either before or after the puppy or rescue dog arrives, there are no hard and fast rules on this.   Most people will want to meet the new arrival, but keep in mind that a new puppy may become anxious with too much excitement.  
  • If you plan to invite both 2-leggers and 4-leggers, you'll need to be sure you have adequate room, and be sure that all guests have good manners and play well with others.
  • Invitations.   Once you've decided on the date, location, and guest list, it's time to get those invitations out!  (And has a distinctive line of puppy shower invitations for any sophisticated dog owner.  From formal to fun, you'll find exactly what you're looking for!)
  • Decorations can be as extravagent or as simple as you choose.   An inexpensive idea is pawprint balloons and pawprint party hats. You can also find fun dog-themed items at your local party store, include paper plates, cups and napkins with a dog theme.   A fun idea for a centerpiece is a bone-shaped or fire-hydrant-shaped dog toy box.  Then, when the puppy is over, the guest of honor can use the toy box to carry home any gifts s/he receives, and then use the toy box to store his/her new puppy's toys.
  • Speaking of gifts.... Gift certificates are always a wonderful choice, since the new puppy parent can use these to purchase necessities, but it's always fun to find fun and unique gifts for both the puppy AND the parent.  ( carries an exclusive line of tshirts for dog lovers that make a great gift for dog moms and dads!)
  • Games, anyone?   What's a party without some fun and games?  Be imaginative and tailor the usual baby shower games to puppy themes.  For example, a simple game of BINGO can be created using the new puppy's name.  (See more puppy shower game ideas here.)
  • KIBBLE!  You gotta eat!  The puppy shower menu can be whatever your budget allows.  An outdoor, backyard bar-b-que is a simple and inexpensive idea.   Or perhaps you want to be a bit more extravagant without breaking the budget....think about making some sandwiches, and cutting them into shapes (like a dog bone) with a cookie cuter.   Or really splurge and pull out the elegant dinner wear, serve scrumptious hors' devours, and a bottle of fine wine or champagne.   The puppy shower can be as simple or extravagant as you and your personality, but don't forget the cake!

Remember, the reason for a puppy shower is to honor not only the furry new arrival, but to honor the new puppy parents as well.  This doesn't just mean showering them with gifts to help ease some of the financial burden that naturally goes along with the adoption of a new puppy or rescue dog, but, more importantly, to provide a fun couple of hours to all in attendance and celebrate the fun that only a new member of the family brings.



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