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Surviving the First Day Home with Your New Puppy

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Lisa Pallardy - President -   Your little puppy is in a strange place, surrounded by strange faces, so the  first few days can be trying for both of you.  Here are some suggestions to help make the first day home with your new puppy a bit easier.

Because dogs are natural pack animals, don't segregate your new pet from the rest of the family, or she may feel as if she's done something wrong.  Rather, keep her with you, play with her, cuddle her, just let her learn that she is part of the family.

When you first walk in the door with your new pooch on her leash, take her to the room where she'll likely spend most of her time, such as the family room or kitchen.  Let her sniff and search and explore her new world.  In the kitchen, show her the food and water dishes you've got especially for her.  Show her her toys and her bedding.  Let her know how happy you are that she's part of your family.  (TIP:  Let your friends and family know it, too, by sending out new puppy announcements!) 

Don't change your new pup's diet right away.  She's already nervous, so feed her the food she's used to eating.  If you want to change her food, wait a week or two, then gradually introduce the new food.  Your dog's diet is important if you want to keep her healthy and active for many years, and we recommend Vet Balance.  It's the easiest way to give your dog that optimal nutrition, no matter what her diet is.

There are also many healthy homemade recipes available that will help keep your new best friend active and energetic for years. 

It's helpful if your new puppy has something, such as a toy or even a towel, from when she was with her mother and littermates.  Something that has the smell of "home" on it. 

With all the excitement, your dog will likely need to go to the bathroom before long, so don't put her on your brand-new rug or carpet, or she may piddle out of excitement!  Now is the time to introduce her to her designated toilet spot outside.   Be sure this is the spot you want her to use, because she will return to it over and over again.  And read about our  puppy potty training tips to help ease the process. 

Try to keep young children at bay until your new pet has had a chance to relax in her new environment.  And if you have other pets, introduce them gradually.

The big question about training your dog....when do you start?   Some experts say immediately.  There are many schools of thought on  how to master dog training .  You'll need to decide which works best for you and your new puppy.

Now you've made it through the first day.  Surviving the first night  is another story...And don't forget, you still need to find a veterinarian.  



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