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We have the largest selection of New Puppy Announcements on the internet!  Our exclusive design New Puppy Announcements are fresh and sophisticated and are sold in sets of 8 cards and envelopes.  They measure 5.5 x 4.25 inches and are printed on high-quality, 110# card stock.  


Your New Puppy Announcements can be personalized with your puppy's name, date of birth or adoption, breed, weight, your name(s), or any other personal message you would like to include for just $2 more, add a photo for just $3 more. And all New Puppy Announcements can be changed to singular (i.e., "My New Baby", "How Could I Resist?", "My Family is Growing", etc.).  Plus, these new puppy announcements are perfect for announcing two or more new puppies at the same time!

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I'm thrilled with the new puppy announcements and the lightening fast response with my proofs. The style, font, and colors are exactly what I imagined. I could not be any happier! I am now a lifetime customer. I've already sent your web site address to all my friends. Thank you so much for making my new puppy announcements exactly the way I wanted them!  -Simonette

 "I just got my announcements.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!  They are so cute.  I am very happy with the work you did.  I am really picky too.  Thanks again for the adorable announcements."  -Christine, Huntington Beach, CA

"It's perfect!  Thanks so much!    By the way, you were the only place on the web I could find that had  such nice announcements."  -Robyn, Plantation, FL


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A large selection of new puppy announcements for boy puppies and girl puppies

Add a custom touch to your new puppy announcements with a photo printed directly onto the cards and your personalized text inside


New Puppy Announcements – A Growing Trend


A new addition to the family is a joyous occasion, even if that newest addition is of the 4-legged variety.   In fact, many people consider their pets a member of the family.  The joy most people feel when bringing a new puppy home is akin to the feeling of joy felt when brining a new baby home….so it only makes sense to introduce your newest family member  with new puppy announcements.


Sending new puppy announcements to friends and family is a growing trend.  At, new puppy announcements are available in an assortment of styles and designs, from flat-type cards, to fold-over cards; from custom, personalized styles, to fill-in-the-blank designs.  Barktalk also carries an elite line of beaded collar puppy announcements.  As a company that specializes in new puppy announcements, will print your puppy’s photo directly onto the cards.


It’s most fun to include a photo of your puppy.   Your newest addition is growing and changing so fast, and many of your family and friends live miles away and won’t have the opportunity to see him when he’s still tiny, so capturing a photo of your puppy when he’s still a tiny little bundle of snuggle is a wonderful way to share your joy.   Plus, photo new puppy announcements make a terrific keepsake of the day your puppy joined your family.

If you’ve just adopted more than one puppy, customized new puppy announcements are your best bet because they can be tailored include the proper wording for more than one puppy.   Another advantage to purchasing custom-designed new puppy announcement is the need to change wording from plural to singular.  For example, if you’re a single person, you wouldn’t want your new puppy announcement to read: “Our family just got a lot furrier!”   With the customized option, you can have the option to change the wording to “My family just got a lot furrier!” usually at no additional cost.   If you have a child, you can include “sibling" names to your introduction.


As an added bonus, with the customized version, you can tell a little bit about your new puppy.  For instance, you can state that he was rescued, or that he was a Katrina dog, or that he has incredible puppy breath, or that he loves to snuggle, or whatever particular habit or quirk you want to share.


New puppy announcements are a fun way to share your joy with family and friends. You’ll definitely want to consider sending some out when your new puppy arrives!



Adopting a new puppy is a thrilling and exciting time! Share your excitement by telling the world (or at least your family and friends) about your new addition to the family with our New Puppy Birth Announcements.   Whether you've adopted a new puppy, or rescued a full-grown dog, we can custom-design the perfect announcements for you.


"OK...are those the most ADORABLE puppy announcements ever?  Oh come on.  Don't lie.  I'm thinking I may need to order another dozen.  I'll let you know.  Just finishing addressing them now."   -Heather Bronecke, Cartersville, IL

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RETURNS and EXCHANGES. All personalized New Puppy Announcements are custom made to order, have been proofed by the cusstomer, and are, therefore, non-returnable.  All New Puppy Announcements are 100% guaranteed against defects.  If your order is defective, please return within 7 days to, 9602 W. Lake Camelot Drive, Mapleton, IL 61547.  We will exchange the product at no cost in the event of quality issues.

PAYMENT OPTIONS.  We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover, as well as PayPal.


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Do you wake up at 2:00 a.m. to the sound of crying?  Do you look into your little one's eyes and just melt?   Do you get pangs in your heart when you have to go to work and leave your little one behind, who stands at the door wimpering?  Do you get the most wonderful kisses and snuggle time?   Do you call your little guy to you by saying, "Come to mommy"?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are, you've got a dog!  

A dog is so much more than just a pet!   A dog is a living being.   A dog is a companion.  A dog is   a friend.  A dog is family.  Adopting a new puppy is just like adopting a new baby.   New puppies evoke the same feelings of wonderment and excitement as new babies. 

Is it any wonder, then, that more and more people are searching for a way to share their joy and excitement about the new addition to the family?    That's where New Puppy Announcements come in.

If you've ever had a baby, you know that one of the first things of your "to do" list after the baby is born is to share your excitement with everyone.   And the best way to do this, is by sending out a birth announcement.   Birth announcements for dogs are just as important!  

If you call your dog your "son" or your "daughter" or your "baby" then you truly are a special "parent" and you should share your joy!

Let create the perfect New Puppy Announcement to capture your joy! has the largest selection of new puppy announcements available on the internet today.   BarkTalk's new puppy announcements are exclusively designed by owner Lisa Pallardy.

Got two dogs?  Not a problem!   Because all our New Puppy Announcements can be personalized for a small additional charge, I will always work with you to get the exact effect you're looking for!    I will e-mail the final design to you so you can proof both the inside and outside of the New Puppy Announcements so you can be certain they are exactly as you evisioned.  Are you a "single parent"?  Then easily change "Our family is now complete" to "My family is now complete."   Did you rescue an adult dog?   Then tell everyone about your new dog and how lucky you are to have found him!

Ordering is so simple.....and I accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover, as well as PayPal.   Most new puppy announcements are shipped out within 24 hours!   

If you've got a vision of a new puppy announcement in your mind's eye that you just can't find anywhere, send me an email ( and I'll see if I can create it for you!

At, dogs rule!